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Last updated August 2008.

These pages are dedicated to my Pembroke Welsh Corgis, showing, breeding, happiness, disappointment, sadness. - All the little things that makes a breeders day.

A big THANK YOU to my puppy buyers who supply me with photos and let me use them on these pages.

Benfro's Ivanho Corran - Danish Corgi of The Year and Breedwinner of The Danish Kennel Club 2007 - 2008.

The more serious stuff

like Breed History, The story of The Welsh Drovers and other bits and pieces will come later. I might even have time to take you touring round Norway with Corgis and maybe I'll tell you about my winter holliday including a trip to Pembroke Castle.

The Fun Parts will come

most of the contents from my old "Doggy World" which will come back so you can enjoy the story of "Our 100 Acre Wood", the large collection of Dog Quotes, Dog Poems and Fairytales - some will make you laugh - othes make you feel sad.

Enjoy and please return. Now that The Norwegian Corgi Club 's pages are nearly fully updated - it might be some time for my own.



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