The Kennel

Benfro Welsh Corgi Pembrokes

Siri Alnæs and Rolf Brunsnes
N-2056 Algarheim, Norway
Phone: +47 63 97 69 92 - +47 47 75 00 50
E- Mail: kebenfro@online.no

We live on a farm north of Oslo with five Corgis - for the moment. So apart from the humans, we have our grand old lady, Nordic Princess of Jonloran, (Debbie), Jonloran Jack Frost , (Jacko), Benfro's Headline News, (Hedda), Benfro's Light My Fire (Chloe) and Jonloran Ace of Diaminds (Sam).
Our dogs all live in the house much like all pets. They sleep in the beds, on the coach, in baskets or crates with open doors - wherever they choose themselves. But whenever we pack the car, the excitement starts! We're off to an outing!

Visitors are always welcome, but please give us a ring first.



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