Legends, Fairytales and Dog Poems

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To The Corgwn - Show Dogs - To All Dogs - In Memory - Breeding - Rescues and Strays


To The Corgwn

The Fairysaddle Legend
Corgi Fantasy
How The Corgi Lost It's Tail
Once Upon A Time
The Origin of The Corgi
The Perfect Breed
Why Own A Show Corgi


Show Dogs

The First Show
The Dogbreeder's Husband
Lament of A Stud
Injustice to Our Ladies
We are not Gonna Go
The Old Ones
The Retired Show Dog
The moment of Truth
Show Poem


To All Dogs

The Day Before Christmas
The Monster in The Closet
Bed Puppy
The Life of A Puppy
A Brown Eyed Puppy


In Memory

The Last Will and Testament of an Exstremely Distinguished Dog
Four Feet
Old Dog in A Locket
The Power of The Dog
Old Dogs Never Die
A Glimpse of The Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge Return
A Place in Our Hearts
Trusted Friend



A Breeder
The Whelping Alphabet


Rescues abd Strays

A Stray Dogs Prayer
A Dog sits Waiting
Do I go Home Today?
Am I Famous Now?
Backyard Puppy



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