The A-Litter

at Kennel Benfro 1994


rainbowSire: N S CH Skokholm Choirmaster of Meljac.
rainbowDam: Siggen's Gentle Bonnie (1992 - 2002).

Bonnie was a wonderful free whelper, but only two pups, a dog and a bitch. No kennel prefix yet, we would not register that until we knew if wanted to become breeders.

So we gave them Welsh first name and the owners choice as a second name.
Addfwyn Fritz (1994 - )
rainbowAnfadwr Emma (1994 - 2006).

Both came to good homes and we still keep in touch with our first puppy buyers - but I have never felt so bad as when I stood there with money in my hand, seeing the very first pup leave.

Fritz's family has sent photos every Christmas and I have visited Emma more than once, even shown her once when she was around a year and she became 3rd best bitch. Her family still miss her terribly.

More pictures in "The Puppy Gallery".


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