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Pups are pure magic. From the moment you help them into this world, you watch them day in and day out. You watch them gaining weight, move, open their eyes, start to notice their different personalities, their first attempts to play.

taffy and Debbie

As a new breeder you listen to everybody, humble and grateful. - And start mating at day 11 - oh boy did we do that and ending up with small litters. Even at the vet they told me it was a bit late on day 16 and we got a singleton pup. Next time we waited until our stud said "now", "now", "now". That was day 19 and we got five pups.

So trust a good stud, he is ten times better than any tests you might do.

heddaWe do not breed much as you can see from the list below, eleven litters in thirteen years. Quantity does not count, we humbly do try to do something for the breed and with Benfro's Charming Merlin being best stud dog in Denmark two years in a row, NORD CH Benfro's Headline News best Norwegian bred Corgi at our National in both 2005 and 2006 and Benfro's Inherit the Wind "Corgi of the Year" 2006 in Denmark, we must have done something right. But we are still humble, want to learn more and are grateful for every happy and satisfied puppy buyer.

We thank our English friends and mentors at Kennel Jonloran, without them we would never have been where we are today.

A - Litter - 1994 F - Litter - 2001 K - Litter - 2005
B - Litter - 1995 G - Litter - 2002 L - Litter - 2007
C - Litter - 1997 H - Litter - 2003 M - Litter - 2007
D - Litter - 1998 I - Litter - 2004  
E - Litter - 2000 J - Litter - 2005  



No pups are sold over Internet. We want personal contact with all puppy buyers. You may mail us asking questions, both about the breed and about our pups, but we want to get to know you personally before we let any pup out of sight. Without special recommendation from friends, we don't even sell pups outside Norway.



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