The B - Litter

at Kennel Benfro 1995


rainbowSire: GB N S CH Perrimist Red Adair
rainbowDam: Siggen's Gentle Bonnie (1992 - 2002)

Still no Kennel prefix, so we continued with a welsh first name and owner's choice as second. This was Bonnie's last litter, after a couple of "cat fights" with Debbie and trying to fight Taffy every now and then, she was placed in a one dog family home where they just had lost "her uncle".

Three bitches this time:
rainbowBeatrice (1995 - 2006) - natural bobtail.
rainbowBenywol Bessie (1995 - 2000)
Byw Marte (1995 - )

Socializing pups and kids
Beatrice with William who today has his own Corgi
Marte at her owner's Cabin
Beatrice in her final home


Beatrice was showed a couple of times, had a BOB as junior, but illness in her family led her to a family home where she was loved to bits and had a great life.

Marte has been at The Corgi Fun Day a couple of times. She's grown into a lovely girl.

Bessie's fate makes me both sad and angry. The couple who bought her had just lost a Corgi and it worked out fine until they took up golf and got grandchildren.

Then everything was wrong, and the dog had to go. Sending them to a Turid Rugaas' educated behavior specialist did not help, they got offended when they were told what they did wrong - after all they had dogs for 20 years.......

I asked for some time to re home her, but after a week, they just phoned me and told me they had put her to sleep.

I learned my lesson, if somebody wants to get rid a one of "my dogs", grab it at once, make space for it someway or another until you can find a new home.

More pictures in "The Puppy Gallery".

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