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Benfro's Kind of Magic - 25501/05 -


Owner: Caroline Ljungqvist

My favorite in this litter and then he was sold to the wrong owner and came back home 8 months old telling us with his body language that he was a good boy. I cried when I saw him. He was dead afraid of men of a special body build, but a nearly a year here gave him the confidence he needed and along came the perfect match. So now he lives with Corgi Phoebe and human Caroline. He is also the father of Molly Mischief.

Safe with Mum in the puppy box
Snug as a Bug in The Rug
Playtime - Me and littermates
First Photo alone - scary if you ask Me
In the Garden - I am a "Snow Baby"
In The Garden with Hedda
I might eat one....
Posing - I Think...
Me and Lille My go Camping
Me and Lille My at Corgi Fun Day
Waiting to go to My First Show
Me with Maria and Phoebe


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